Orkut Users Can Add Comments On Photos

orkut feature - add comment on photos.jpg

Thanks to a new feature on orkut, now user can add comments on photos. As you can see in above screenshot, I have added a comment on my own photo. You can do this on any photo you have access to.

You can also check all comments on your photos by going to photo comments page. It has a nice format as shown below…

orkut - Photo comments page.jpg

In every row on that page, first photo on which comment received is shown, next to it photo of commentator shown followed by actual comment.

Strangely there is no delete button besides comment. So if you receive any offensive comment you need to go to that photo page to delete it. Also there is no notification sent whenever a comment is posted on your photo. So it is strongly recommended for female users to keep a watch on photo comments page to avoid embarrassment.

This is another facebook like feature orkut team has given after status update feature.

(via Orkut Plus)

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Shan December 5, 2008


How do I exclude a paricular user commenting to my photos

Rahul Bansal December 6, 2008

You can delete them. That is the only option u have.

Aditya March 15, 2009

lol in photo it doesnt look like a proper G. I think almost everyone know about this feature on orkut.