Orkut + GoogleTalk = Unlimited Social Networking!

I bet this will make your day!
No more scripts & software for adding Real-Time Interaction on Google’s Social Networking Site Orkut!

Yes as per following sources:

Light Reading reports that Google will be implementing Google Talk into Google’s social Social Networking -Orkut. Google Talk and Orkut‘s development teams are busy working on the integration, which is expected to be finish by next week. Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne said that they have noticed that a lot of people that were using Orkut also had their GTalk client open at the same time.

This single feature will have a significant impact on the penetration of Google Talk client especially in India where Orkut is hugely popular but GTalk is only to be found on the desktop of geeks. says Amit Agarwal.

One step ahead from Inside orkut observes that installing Gtalk in Orkut will solve two problems at once, as it will not only create a chat program within, but also an online status indicator as well. What he feels that it would be cool if Google integrated this within their Friend Maps page, as users would then be able to see which of their friends are online half way around the world.

Well I feel Google can add another block on orkut home page showing friends using Google Talk the way they shows mutual friends listing on Profile Pages! Another way to add small box like quick contacts in Gmail (as shown in the image on right hand side)!
If these violates orkut’s home page design ethics then they can add a small indicator dot beside every profile!

Well let them come up with whats on their mind, we have many geeks around to serve this new feature as per your need! This will certainly free orkuttian from using quite heavy scrapboy messenger!

Didn’t I make your day! 😉
Of course if you are from Microsoft or Yahoo then this is worst news for you as this will push GoogleTalk to a new height that these two gaints union in messenger market will loose its benefits (if any)!