GoogleTalk Integrated finally with Orkut!

3 days back I wrote about Orkut & GoogleTalk Integration!

What is the coolest thing is that the way they have done this integration! Many people had different opinion about this integration But as I wrote about adding a green dot indicator beside every profile who is online & using GoogleTalk simultaneously!

So wats new on orkut now?
When u log into orkut, u will see green dot beside some of the profiles! This means they r using GoogleTalk or any other IM network but signed into GoogleTalk service like Gmail!

Now when u click on any such green dot for the first time, u’ll get redirected to the page where u can choose your privacy n one step further your orkut account will be linked to GoogleTalk!

Don’t have GoogleTalk! Download & install it from here!
GoogleTalk is available only for Windows Platform as of now!
But u can use this service from other IM networks!

Listing here are links so that u can use this feature!

What’s more you can disable GoogleTalk Integration anytime you want by going to orkut’s GoogleTalk Settings!
So next time don’t ask someone whether he/she use any messenger service!