Orkut is trying to give you more donuts!

Orkut homepage faces - Devils Workshop

Few weeks back we had discussion – Why Orkut removed user pics from its homepage Logo?

We received nice response from our readers and today official word about this from Orkut! And reasoning is surpisingly simple…

User pics on orkut homepage used to take some time to load. While this is only something noticed by dial-up users only nevertheless each login request put more and more load on the orkut server. That means more “no donut for you” error.

I guess its clear to everyone now how much Orkut care for giving you donuts, so don’t shout on seeing “no donut for you” error message! 🙂

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USAMA November 5, 2007


Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

Nice blog!
But do not promote like this!

Rahul Bansal January 9, 2008

Thanks for praises buddy! 🙂

Sunny Khetarpal May 22, 2008

hi rahul….wot do u do? sorry for asking personal question in ur blog site….

Rahul Bansal May 23, 2008

Its ok. 🙂
Details are on about page.
You may also check my linkedin profile 🙂