Access Orkut via Facebook! Double Scoop!

If you are on Facebook and Orkut at the same time, this one Facebook application is for you! It is developed by Jeetu Mirchandani (former IIT Bombay Student, working for Amazon, India) so that you can read scraps via Orkut!

Through this application you can view Orkut users profiles, photos, scrapbook, videos & fans with this! So this can be used as limited proxy in places where Orkut is banned but Facebook is not. This is the situation with most Asian countries including India where Facebook is yet to catch up with popularity of Orkut!

#Installation on Facebook

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click here to go to application page. You will be greeted with a page like below. Click on Add Application Link. Orkut Application for Facebook - Devils Workshop
  3. It will ask for confirmation like other Facebook application. Also it will ask for inviting your friends which is optional and can be skipped!
  4. Next Put your Orkut profile URL in field shown below…Orkut Profile Link - Devils Workshop
  5. Thats it. You will end up on a page which will look like your Orkut Profile pageMy Orkut Profile On Facebook - Devils Workshop

This application does not require your Orkut login ID & password, but I personally feel it should take it to give more feature!

As of now claimed to be working feature – Writing Scrap is not working. Surprisingly big blogger like Amit Agrawal did not bother to test it before writing about it!

I feel the feature is implemented using fake Orkut account to send scraps on your behalf. As this applications user base grew this feature is now getting blocked by Orkut CATCHPA.

Anyway its nice start by Jeetu and another option for you to access Orkut! 🙂



Pratish October 15, 2007

It’s not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rahul Bansal October 22, 2007

Sorry for late reply! 🙁
What kind of error message u got!
Please specify it so we can help as there is no problem with this application!

If possible specify step by step procedure u followed! 🙂

Jeetu October 24, 2007

The App works seamlessly – tell me if id dosent(on the discussion board). Have pulled out the writing scraps feature for now because of Orkut TOS.

Nice post!

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

First sorry for late reply dude… 🙁

Thats gud u hv removed this feature!
N yeah the app is rerally great!

If it sounds good to u… try reimplementing whole thing using Orkut API if possible! 🙂

Rest we are always here for feedback! 😉

SaDiQz June 1, 2010

Seriously as i don’t know my web link to my orkut profile and orkut is block in ksa then how and where on earth should i get the link from..????

Shreyas September 28, 2010

ha ha..
nice thinking and nice app on fb..