Orkut – Send a common scrap to all ur friends with one click!

Important Update: This script is having some problems. You may subscribe to our RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

This script is originally made by Rodrigo Lacerda and translated to English by Mr. Nobody!As usual, this requires firefox and greasemonkey! So get them first!If u r new to GreaseMonkey then read this Before Installing any GreaseMonkey Script!Now assuming u are reading this from firefox and u hv already installed GreaseMonkey…Click here to install the script!This will open a pop-up. Just select install and thats it!Yep…. you are done with installation, now enjoy real part!Log into orkut if u r not already logged in!Now click here and you will see something like below! (Click on image to enlarge screenshot)

Orkut - Send A Common Scrap To All Script!

This is very similar to message page on orkut so I don’t think I need to explain how to go ahead!

If you have used the older version of this script by Link & Death Eater then you may notice a good thing about this script! That it removal of Time Interval! πŸ™‚

Still if you left with any question feel free to ask!

Updates: There is similar script from Link with Group option but without tim interval here! So please use that if you require group functionality or the above script is not performing as per your expectation!

Update (by Ambily) :

You Need Not to uninstall the previous version of the script

if u wanna use both the scripts just edit the included pages option by editing the link script in greasemonkey as i have changed my www.orkut.com/sa to www.orkut.com/scrapall

now my new script works on www.orkut.com/sa page and the older version works on www.orkut.com/scrapall..

Need more help? Feel free to comment πŸ™‚


pr4peace January 20, 2007

thanks …it really helped me solve my wishing problems…

Anonymous February 7, 2007

It is really great..

Anonymous February 26, 2007

Its not working anymore .. pls check !!

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

Its working dude!
If u got some error message lemme know so I can try to solve it! πŸ™‚

Anonymous April 25, 2007

It worked some time ago … now it`s not working, BAD BAD SERVER,NO DONUT FOR YOU … wts goin on ??

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

I guess its problem with orkut server! I will talk to its developers to make it more reliable! Thanks for ur note! πŸ™‚

urs is 100% orkut server problem! just wait n pray for more donuts! πŸ™

Rahul Bansal May 14, 2007

Which page are you talking about??
I have checked all links in the post and they are correct!
Lemme know in detail if I am supposed to do anything else cause I am not getting what you want!

shantanu.raghav May 14, 2007

the page doesnt exist nymore…..plz check

Vijay May 19, 2007

it says UnsafeWindows is undefined at Line 2. Please help

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2007

I guess you haven’t installed the script properly!
If script gets installed successfully, then you should see a screen like above when you go to address http://www.orkut.com/sa
Anyway try reinstalling the script!
Lemme know if you still have problems! πŸ™‚

abhinav May 24, 2007

hey… i tried installing greasemonkey n it was done..
but the link which u’ve given of a script which is to be installed after installing greasemonkey , its not getting installed….plz help.

Animesh May 28, 2007

it’s not working

Rahul Bansal May 28, 2007

That second link http://orkut.com/sa is not a script!
So just open above address and wait for some time to get it loaded! If everything goes fine it will look like similar to above screenshot in post!
Let me know if you get some error message! πŸ™‚

First thanks for writing in so much details!
Now good thing is that you have everything in place πŸ™‚
Did not you get a POP-UP window with “install”, “Show script Source” and “Cancel” buttons???
If you have installed it earlier then try uninstalling old versions of above script!

Its working and making my scrapbook really crappy!
Why don’t you guys post in more details like error message, etc! πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2007

Just click on this link from Firefox!
A pop-up window will appear with install option if u have greasemonkey installed successfully!
Otherwise lemme know for further help πŸ™‚

TANYA June 3, 2007

I have installed greasemonkey but I dunno how to install the script !! plz help

Rodrigo Lacerda June 12, 2007

Hi guy…
thanks for translate and divulge my script, and mainly, to keep the credits…

curiosily I found this post on technorati
and in others blogs too…

this script is not final version
it’s made for fun…
and have some bugs that I still not fixed
but I’ll word to do this and inform you this…

sorry for my bad english πŸ˜€

Rahul Bansal June 12, 2007

Hello Rodrigo,
Its great that u r active blogger too! So that we can trouble you whenever we have doubts regarding this script! πŸ™‚
About credits The only reason for adding to this posts link as to make it easier for its English users to get some help if they needed!
By the way ur English is good n I am wondering why did not u released english version urself!

One important thing I wud like to know as how u removed Time Interval completely?? I mean which event u r listening too? Or is there something else? πŸ˜•

ALMIGHTY June 14, 2007

awesome ……….
gr8 work

Rahul Bansal June 15, 2007

Thanks for encouraging words! πŸ™‚

Ish2rock June 16, 2007

Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

Thats the exact error message.

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2007

That only means script is not installed properly!
If u have earlier versions of scripts then uninstall them first!
Or if u r new to all please read how to install GreaseMonkey Script!

ambily June 16, 2007

First of all really thanks for this great update..

1 thing i wanna ask is that is it possible to send the scrap to a selective group of friends as it was possible wid the scrap all script we used to have earlier..

Rahul Bansal June 17, 2007

I will request that feature to its developers!
This scripts is from different guys and not from the guys whose scripts we had used earlier! πŸ™‚

ambily June 21, 2007

i think there is one more problem wid this script,

it sometimes hangs up after sending few scraps means the scrap is not sent to all the friends all the time but sometimes only it is sent to 20 –25 friends and it hangs ..

Rahul Bansal June 22, 2007

Well have to check this out!
Anyway there is another version of this script in testing. Will post about it soon (as it seems working nicely) πŸ™‚

varun June 23, 2007

IT DOSENT SEND SCRAPS TO ALL MA FRNZZ!!!!! its sends to near bout half then its just still!!!!!!! no more msgs sending!!!!!

even orkut started behavin – PAGE NOT FOUND!!

help me buddy

Rahul Bansal June 25, 2007

Ambily , Varun & All
The alternative script is out and its here!
It have Send to Group Option too! πŸ™‚

samannoy August 7, 2007

Its not working…. its showing scraps are been sent..but when i am going and visiting their profiles there is no scraps sent..y!!

Rahul Bansal August 17, 2007

First sorry for late reply samanoy… πŸ™
Now if you haven’t tried alternate script yet you can try it now! πŸ™‚
I used the other script 2-3 days bak! and it was working great then!

Sooraj August 17, 2007

the download and installation and all worked… I even got to the scrapping page on http://www.orkut.com/sa... Although the orkut account I’m using has only 1 friend, it goes on “loading data” for ages… LOADING LIST OF FRIENDS… is it a bug that can be fixed? my net connection is a 256Kbps working perfect today… πŸ˜›

Rahul Bansal August 17, 2007

As per Loading Part concerned the script is working fine! Its having some prob in next part!
Better try other script!

Sooraj August 18, 2007

I tried the other script as well… doesn’t make any difference… still going on LOADING MY LIST OF FRIENDS… I even got the SCRAP ALL link in my orkut members’ area… But, it goes to Megaclick.com and shows error… not working… please help me…

Rahul Bansal August 20, 2007

Hey sooraj,
Thanks for ur patience first! πŸ™‚
About scrap all link I will check and let you know!
About script the other one is still working here!
Anywayz I am running few tests now… hope to come back with some good news soon!

shreyash August 20, 2007

thanxxx a lot man
it is working
and thanxx again 4 making my work easy

Betty September 3, 2007

I’m glad I found your site! It’s nice! Thank you!!! πŸ™‚

NaXamP December 9, 2007

go to address bar and paste this command :-





press enter..

Deepak October 22, 2008

@Rahul Bansal
I can successfully send scraps using it.
But this scrip is not sending scraps to all friend in my list πŸ™

kaishar October 26, 2008

thanks rahul

veeru October 27, 2008

hi can u tell on which version of firefox dis script works

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

It should work with all firefox version for which greasemonkey is available.

ram's October 28, 2008

its nice

ALL PC TIPS November 9, 2008

Its not working………..even all the posts regarding orkut-scrapall is not working.
i have tested all.

Deepak Jain November 9, 2008

Guess therer’s some problem.
Hope Rahul cud solve our problem

Sambamurthy November 9, 2008


I installed the script successfully and I am tyring to send scrap for all, its says scrap sent to the list of friends and sucess message… but when I go and check with friends scrapbook nothing is there!!!!!

Please help me out


kiran November 12, 2008

got an error i.e
error loading:

Sambamurthy November 17, 2008


Hey can you tell how is its working for you ? I installed everything and when I send scrap msg from the script its says msg sent successfull and also list of friends id.. but nothing is posted to the friends scrap book!!!