Orkut Showing Last Login Info to Secure Users!

orkut last login

Orkut started showing information about last login on users orkuts home page!

This is particularly good to save yourself from attackers who steals your login information but instead of deleting or making any changes to your account just monitors your private information. This is more serious threat with email accounts as everything in your mailbox is personal. On orkut still a attacker who have access to your accounts can do following things without getting noticed…

  • Download your contact book
  • Reading orkuts messages
  • Checking private albums/videos
  • Reading profile information (like cell phone numbers) which you may limit to your friends

I do not think many people use orkuts messaging feature. Also last two can be exposed to attackers who if not yours, managed to crack your friends account!

Still this is really good move considering an attacker who is monitoring your account today may get pissed off by you and delete your account. Worse changing your accounts login info and worst spamming your friends with malicious scraps thus causing damage to your social image!

So my advise is to you keep checking this last login info and whenever in doubt about last login time without wasting any more time change your orkut account password!

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pramod December 14, 2008

very se4xy