Orkut Confirming Clicks on Outgoing Links!

Orkut Confirm Click on Outgoing Links

One more security or rather say annoying feature added by orkut is confirming clicks on outgoing links. As shown in above screenshot, if you now click on any link that leads takes you away from orkut, you need to go through confirmation procedure!

With bug in Orkut own Click Tracker program, features like these will end up just annoying Orkut users. Worst user may take this for granted and end up being more vulnerable.

What will happen if a malicious link is sent using a bug like in Orkut very own Click Tracker program? The link will not be categorized as outbound one, so no confirmation box will pop up!

This is where a user will be at risk as she may falsely assume that no confirmation box means no threat! :O

So to orkut team, please stop patch-working like this and do things like more sensibly.

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