Orkuts new “new friend requests” profile box!

Just noticed a change in "new friend requests" box on Orkuts user homepage. You can see it below…

orkuts new friend request

As you might have noticed already the option to "Organize your friends" is improvement over the old "new friend requests" profile box!

Those who like to better organize their friend lists, this is really nice option for them as you no longer need to go to friends page to select group for friends.

Moreover if you want to create a new group for new friend then there is option of new group… Also a small link manage groups let you manage existing group smartly keeping you on same page (using AJAX).

Orkut Manage Groups

All this will reduce usability of orkuts friends page considerably.

Anyway a nice improvement by Orkut team I must say. Looks like Orkut Team is using facebook… šŸ˜‰

Links: Official Orkut Blog Post – Managing your friends


sooraj February 19, 2008

dats a pretty good feature.. which i’ve been asking for long.. hope they keep on improving orkut.. till now din feel to sign up wid any other social networking site !! wanna stay back in orkut itself !! kudos !!

Rahul Bansal February 23, 2008

Well its personal choice. All socail networks have their pros n cons!
Anyway Orkut is improving and its by Google so I guess its gonna stay here always! šŸ™‚