Orkut’s “Shiv-Sena Hate Community” Busted!

What happened to the freedom of speech and expression, I wonder? Imagine running a community on Orkut, and being held accountable for every message posted. This is exactly what happened to Ajith D, a 19 year old computer student and an Orkut account holder, who apparently created a “Shiv Sena hate community” on Orkut. Mumbai cyber crime tracked him down and initiated criminal proceedings against him. Not just that, the site is being constantly supervised by the police after the Sena violently protested against Orkut for carrying anti-party remarks.

Ajith has denied posting any death threats against Sena’s Chief Bal Thackeray, however, has admitted on creating the anti-Shiv Sena online group.

orkut anti shiv sena community

Try running a simple search on Orkut, and you’d find hundreds of such “hate communities” online – “I hate Ekta Kapoor”, I hate George W. Bush” and so on, where people post all kinds of comments, share all kinds of personal views. I’m sure many Orkut users (and others) have already deleted their online communities after this incident blew up.

Share your thoughts on what you think about this case? Also, do you think that your online freedom of expression is being threatened?

After this incident, I personally feel very uncomfortable creating a community online. Being held accountable in the court of law, for statements made or opinions shared within the community, in my books, is a little too excessive!

(Source: The Telegraph)


Mr.Zorro April 27, 2009

WTF!! x-(

Tanmay April 30, 2009

Its jus tht this was reported , as far freedom of speech is considered we have it as long as we dont miss use it …
wht if tomorrow ur frd make a hate community abt u posts some bad comments abt u ?? u wont like it right ……
its jus tht freedom of speech is allowed as long as it remains in boundaries…

Armaan Bhati May 1, 2009

I just want to say —— – — – – ( oops, I think cyber crime will come at my home too if I write what I want to say.

Dylan June 28, 2009

Me too.. I think we the people have no other option that to remain quite and suffer.. no other choice!
Hope it does not turn out like hitler thing.. 🙁
[This comment does not hold any offense against anyone.. But i just had to say something to relieve my depression.. please don’t harm me.]

Kanu October 16, 2012

Ahh well according to this judgement every second person is a cyber criminal…. people often create or join hate communities lol 🙂