How can I club all my accounts into one?

nutshell-mailBaffled with too many messaging accounts? Now, don’t waste your time logging into different accounts separately to check your emails.

NutShellMail will allow you to access and manage your emails and social networking accounts from one common place, for FREE.

After a one time set up, NutShellMail will pull copies of your messages (from your multiple accounts) and then send them to your most preferred email address (the inbox of your choice). For example, if you chose Gmail as your most preferred account, then NutShellMail will send all the messages from your other accounts to your Gmail account. This means you end up saving a lot of your time, as you will have everything consolidated in one single account.

NutShellMail supports most of the email services, like:

  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • AOL
  • Yahoo
  • Mac
  • All POP3 or IMAP enabled accounts

Social networks currently supported by NutShellMail are:

  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • LinkedIn

(they have plans to add more providers to the list soon)

NutShellMail is compliant with most corporate policies:

Most of the companies these days do not allow access to any external messaging accounts. This means that you can not access your personal emails or messages from office even when critical. For all those who face a problem, this could be the solution!

This service allows access to third-party messaging accounts, WITHOUT violating the company’s corporate policies. How??? Well, NutshellMail is based on an email forwarding concept, which means it would forward all your emails and messages to your corporate account, and as a result, pass through your company’s email servers, like any other email. Isn’t that awesome?

Try NutShellMail – club all your accounts in one place, save time and improve your productivity.

Link: NutShellMail


Praveen April 26, 2009

Hey hi,
The site is amazing and quite useful….. I’ve started using it….. The only problem is that I’m not able to get the mails which are filtered using labels….. 🙁 Anyways…. thanks…

Swati May 5, 2009

@ Praveen,
I was looking to find a work around for that, but couldn’t. Let us know if you have been able to solve this problem yet.

Anyone else knows??