Track the Time You Spend on Each Website with Chrome [Time Tracker]

I spend a lot of time online, thanks to being a full-time blogger. This means I spend hours reading feeds, writing posts and replying and reading email.

I have always wondered how much time I spend on a particular website. Sometime keeping track makes you aware of how and where you are spending your time and energy.


Just install Time Tracker extension on Chrome and start surfing as always. The Time Tracker shows data of time spent on a website along with how much time spent on a website along with percentage of time compared to the total.


Why tracking time on website helps?

For me this sort of tracking will help in many ways. It will keep me honest about how much time I spending working or how much time I might be getting distracted.

Even when it is about work, it might be better to spend more time on the blog writing and moderating posts instead of replying to email.

If you are using Chrome as your primary browser, use Time Tracker extension and check your browsing habits in terms of time spent on each website.

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Link: Time Tracker Chrome Extension


Abhishek Biswal May 4, 2011

Another Great Add-On for Chrome. Waiting for the time when Google Chrome Webstore will defeat the Firefox Add-On Directory.

Aditya Kane May 4, 2011

Chrome Webstore is certainly looking ominous when compared to Firefox Add-on Directory.