Passplex: Generate strong passwords randomly

If you think you are not good at creating passwords and you still need a password which should be strong enough to be hacked, then Passplex can come to your rescue. Using Passplex is extremely easy and fast as well. In fact, you don’t even need to enter anything to get started.

DW passplex1

There are three options a user can select:

  • Length: This is the length of the password you want to generate. You can keep it between 8 and 16 characters only. Few people do want to keep their passwords less than 8 characters however it is not considered much safe.
  • Complexity: Complexity levels between 1 and 5 are available while the default is 3. This decides how complex the passwords needs to be.
  • The user can select whether to include only Numbers or Symbols, or both. This choice can widely change the strength index of the password.

You can even see the strength meter to select the best suitable password for yourself. Officially they have served 36864 till date. Do let me know if you think this can be of help in password selection. Keep in touch, keep Passplexing.. 🙂

LINK: Passplex