Press for Android: The Google Reader alternative you can bet on

With Reader being shut down by Google, many third party apps race up to make the best RSS reading experience. Press for Android is one such example.

When everyone was predicting that RSS will die, Google shut down one of its oldest and less-popular products i.e. Reader. Even after weeks later, people still continue to rant about it.

That’s because, it’s not just Reader which has shut down, but it has broke so many RSS reader apps on iPhone, Android which rely on it for sync. But from an optimistic view, now that Reader is no more, many new RSS readers will start to pop up in app stores.

Press is one such RSS reader which might even replace Google Reader for you. Read on.


Unlike most of the news reading apps on Android/iOS, Press sports a traditional RSS look while still looking pretty and well designed. This is probably the biggest difference between it and other readers. Apps like Feedly don’t feel like an RSS reader in any way, but Press does.

It has an in-app browser, which is good to have. You can choose between fonts like Roboto, Source Sans Pro, Open Sans etc. for body of blog post. The default is Source Sans Pro which looks beautiful.

You can navigate between articles in the app using phone’s volume rocker.

If you want to save data, you can have the app to sync only on Wi-Fi and not on cellular data.

Though it uses Google Reader for sync, the app developers have made it clear that sync will work without problems even after July 1st. They have plans for rolling out a web/desktop version too.

The app costs 1.99$ and is available in the Play Store both for phones as well as tablets.

Link: Press for Android