[Privacy threat] Facebook applications can Access your Home address and Phone number

Third party application developers will be now able to access your home address and mobile phone number. Facebook mentioned recently that developers of Facebook apps can now gather the personal contact information from their users.

This is strange. Well, Facebook users can choose to lock these things under privacy settings. It clearly says that the data will be made available of the user only, it wont affect user’s friends and family but you never know. What troubles me most is that you are never sure of security on internet. Even if everything has been chosen private we are not sure when will Facebook choose to make it all public.

I know many people who are not a Facebook fan just for the security reasons. They don’t like the idea of sharing each and everything online that too on Facebook. Imagine a person making  a bad application and taking everyone’s personal address and phone number. He can easily spam people and you wont see that coming. Thieves will have an awesome time looking for addresses. 😀

The best way to avoid Privacy threat ?

  • Never allow an application before reading what is it asking you. Precaution is always better than cure. Just see once what this application can cost you.
  • Keep your phone number, address and important information private.
  • Best way is to not mention such things. 🙂 Whats the use of writing something you  may regret later. Facebook is for people to share experiences, images not phone numbers.

So, what do you think ? Do you think Mr Zuck is taking care of its 600 million user’s privacy ? I am really afraid of this step, and I don’t want to be a Facebook hater. Please Mark listen! Do share in your views.

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  1. Great post!..im gonna remove my ph number right away..had kept it for friends incase they wanted to contact me..facebook is going out of control now..

  2. You are right Mr.Zuck he ll never take the responsibility of Facebook users :)Great post and Thanks a lot for the Alert!!!

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