Recharge your Mobile and get to eat FREE at McDonalds!

Editor’s Note: Currently McDonald’s, Voucher is removed from and hence is not available.

I hope all of you carry a mobile phone and most are Pre-paid ones (though I carry a Post-paid too! 🙂 ). Recharging of cell phones is now an important part of our daily lives and no one would like their available talktime showing zero. Owing to this and with increasing Internet usability, lot of companies started their Online recharge facility quite early and that too without any extra charges. However the website I am talking about here gives back their users when they recharge for any amount; seems interesting? Read on to know more.

Freecharge a Mumbai-based firm, is offering one of the latest innovations in the mobile commercial world. It is offering an equal amount of Vouchers or coupons for brands like McDonald’s, Cafe Coffee Day, Naaptol, Dominos, Basking Robbins, Yatra and few more like this for the amount you recharge through the portal.

Yes, this is quite funny that even in this electronic world they are sending vouchers through normal post only.

DW freecharge1

I would quote an example from my experience. I recharged my Reliance GSM mobile for Rs. 109 (since I get a full talktime on that) and I was asked to select coupons worth upto Rs. 150, so I selected 3 coupons worth Rs. 50 each of McDonald’s. The reason I selected McDonald’s and nothing else was that McDonald’s vouchers are redeemable on the equal bill value itself which means if my bill is Rs.150, I can use all my vouchers worth Rs. 150 (Rs. 50 x 3) to have anything and pay actually nothing! Isn’t that cool?

DW freecharge2

Note: Rs. 10 extra charges (irrespective of your recharge amount) for delivery of the vouchers to your place.

You can recharge for almost every cell phone carrier like Reliance CDMA & GSM, Vodafone, Aircel etc and get set go. Please do comment on how much useful this website is going to be for you!

LINK: Freecharge

20 replies on “Recharge your Mobile and get to eat FREE at McDonalds!”

    1. Do keep a watch on the Last date of the coupons while you go for the offer. Though they claim the coupons are delivered within 7 days, it has been around 10 days now I have not received.
      On writing to them about this, they have told me they will be updating me the status tomorrow. Now let’s see.

    1. Yes it seems to be safe. I have recharged my mobile two times from here till now. The minimum amount is Rs. 10, however it will also depend on your own mobile network operator!

  1. I am not seeing mcdonalds at…
    Have heard lot that people get mcdonalds coupon… from where i can recharge and get mcdonalds coupons…..

  2. Hey, I think McD has stopped giving free coupons at freecharge… I had recieved it till last month, reddemed them as well, but now McD is gone from the list… Oh no…

  3. hi all. Now a days we are not getting option to select mcd’s voucher. Can anybody know about this. Please let us know aSaP.

  4. Hey earlier mcd’s voucher are there till 31st of august. Might b v get again coupons in next month. Not sure.. Did anyone have update?

  5. i got the coupans on 11 day bt when i went to mc donaalds they told me that u have to buy a minimum of rs 50 anything then u can reddemd this coupan and will get non or veg burger…… its useless
    each coupan has something or the other one has to buy something or the other then only u can get reedemd the copuans

  6. Hi All, Coupons are available now. but we have to buy minimum of 100 rather than 50. 🙁 Anyway keep enjoying.

    1. what if we have 2 coupons of mcdonalds.. we have to purchase for 200??? or purchase worth rs 100 will work for 2coupons.

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