Photoshop Tutorial for Supernova text effect

In this step by step tutorial I am going to create a Supernova text effect using smudge tool and blending options.

Steps to create Supernova text effect :

  • Create a file of 300 x 300 pixel.
  • Fill it with black color.
  • Make sure the default foreground and background colors are white and black.
  • Select smudge tool.
  • From file menu choose Window –> brush.

select bush

  • On layer 1 you can add some noise if you want.
  • Now create a new layer select it (Layer 2).
  • Here this could be a difficult part, so first select smudge tool, click the mouse in the center then hold shift key and drag the mouse upwards finally you will get this kind of effect.
  • (Note: first click then hold shift key and pull it up)

smudge tool

  • Now go on repeating the above step until you get this.

effect upward

  • Now the same thing downwards.

effect downward

  • Select outer glow from the blending option.

outer glow

  • Change outer glow 1) color to #ae02c2 and 2)opacity to 100%

outer glow color

  • Create a text layer and write your text on it.

write text

  • Now copy the layer style, to do so hold Alt key and drag the fx and drop it into the text layer(Devilsworkshop).


  • Create a vector mask.

add vector mask

  • Now select the gradient tool and fill it downwards.

fill gradiant

  • Final output looks like shown in the below image, you can also change the text later however we have used blending options.

supernova text effect

You can add lens flare to it and change the font family to make it look better.

Do drop in your comments.

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