Protect privacy while using Chrome with free software

When you use the Chrome Browser there are details which can be stored based on the unique ID. This browser is a favorite of mine and I love its functionality along with spartan design. Chrome is undoubtedly much faster than most other browsers out there.

Google Chrome uses a client_id variable which is unique for every Chrome user. This can be used to create user profiles of a user’s actions while using Chrome. You can delete this information and secure your browser by using a free software called Chrome Privacy Protector.

What is client_id in Chrome Browser?

It is a unique ID given to collect statistics of usage. Often such usage is used for tracking the usage for improvement of the browser. You may not choose for usage to be tracked in this way, but in case you are using a computer that is not yours or a public computer with Chrome you might like to try out Privacy Protector.

Chrome Privacy Protector

  • Download the privacy protector from their URL and install the software.
  • Once the software is installed, run it and see the software remove the Chrome Unique ID and also make the browser anonymous.
  • The software once installed removes the client_id every time the browser is started up. Hence keeping your browsing experience on Chrome as private.