After the Deadline spell check for Browsers

Having a great vocabulary or a good command over the language does not mean we cannot make mistakes when it comes to writing an email or even a note. There are times, when we are not sure if about an article or general grammar rules. Then there are mistakes which creep in inadvertently. We bloggers call them typos.

After the Deadline is a great help for dealing with such issues.

DocsPal: Convert and View Files in Any Format Easily

DocsPal is a free online file converter and viewer that supports a variety of image formats, documents formats including achieves, PDF, PowerPoint, Doc, Docx, Xls, open office documents and many other file formats to be converted from one format to other. With no registration required at any point, the conversion is a three-step simple process. […]

Move any Program to System Tray with TrayIt!

When you have a number of programs running on your system for most part of the day, that surely doesn’t mean that you are working only on those programs throughout, rather they will stay idle for most part of the day, and you will need them only when you need to perform a related task. […]

How to save bandwidth on limited broadband plans

Most of the Indian broadband users are on limited bandwidth plans. The reason for choosing these limited broadband plans is lower price than unlimited plans and also higher speed than unlimited plans. For example BSNL 500C+ plan gives you 2.5 GB of free bandwidth and 2Mbps speed whereas unlimited 750 plan gives you only 256Kbps […]

Customize Your Folders According to Priorities

Do you fear that someone might unintentionally delete information necessary to you?
Foldermarker is a simple tool for Windows, which allows you to change the color and appearance of your folders just by one mouse click. It is available on right click context menu, just right click the folder and assign a color, you can also use your own custom folder icons.

Share links on Orkut with bookmarklet

If you are using Orkut a lot and come across a nice website or article online which you want to share with your Orkut friends you might have had to enter the link into everyones scrapbook or use various tools to send scraps to everyone. Here is a neat way to do this different and […]

Protect privacy while using Chrome with free software

When you use the Chrome Browser there are details which can be stored based on the unique ID. This browser is a favorite of mine and I love its functionality along with spartan design. Chrome is undoubtedly much faster than most other browsers out there. Google Chrome uses a client_id variable which is unique for every Chrome user. This […]

10 Ways To Give Gmail More Power

The Labs feature of Google offers more incredible useful tools, which makes Gmail even more powerful. These features can be easily enabled by clicking on Settings. Below I mentioned 10 features to give Gmail more power, which gives the real Google experience. Multiple Inboxes: You can see different sections like starred messages, drafts, unread mails, […]