ProxMate – Unlock Region Based Videos and Other Web Content

ProxMate is an ultra cool extension/add-on that's available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It acts a proxy server, unlocking region locked contents.

There are times when you can’t watch a YouTube video because that video is unavailable to your country. Proxies can help you watch that video at such times. ProxMate is an amazing tool that proxies the web content for you.

When ProxMate started first, it supported only Hulu, YouTube and Grooveshark. But now, there are lots more services that ProxMate supports. Some of the notable ones are Google Play,, Vevo, MTV and a lot more. You can check the list of all services at ProxMate official website.


ProxMate is available as extension for Google Chrome and as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox. These extensions are pretty simple to install and use. The most important thing is that, they’re free to use! You can easily install this and start accessing those blocked content.

How do proxies actually work? They route you to that particular regional IP address and let you watch the content without any hassle. With ProxMate, you can set up your own proxy server.

How to Use ProxMate?

  1. Install the ProxMate extension on your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Download links are available at the bottom of this post.
  2. Once installed, the ProxMate extension icon is added to the top right of your Chrome browser. It is enabled by default.
  3. The package modules are also enabled by default. That is, you can now start browsing for those region blocked content straight away.
  4. If you want to disable this extension for a while, just tap the icon. To enable re-tap.
  5. To disable any package module, right click on the icon, go to “Options” and then un-tick any module.


You can now watch the blocked YouTube videos, listen to blocked music and a lot more! You can also make Google Play device purchases. Note that you’ll need U.S. address and credit card. If you don’t have them, you can make use of popular services like Shop and Ship, USUnlocked to help you buy.

Links: Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox