Quora Launches Blogging Platform

Quora launches a blogging platform that converts user's boards into blogs. The new platform will show posts available publicly without the need to signup with the service.

Quora is a very interesting website. It is basically a social network that is alive with content. No silly cats or funny videos but really well researched posts and discussions by people from various backgrounds. In other words to an extent Quora has done something Facebook and Twitter have not managed.

Quora has now launched a blogging platform  It was already being used like a blogging platform by some by re-sharing their blog posts on their boards. Quora has now converted all boards into blogs.

Quora Blogging Platform

Quora’s Blog Features

  • Once you sign-in to your account, you will get a message at the top to create your blog.
  • Select the relevant topics you want your blog to be associated with. And start creating posts.
  • The layout of the blogs are simple and are focused on reading more than style. The best part is I can add multiple ready-made tags or categories in the form of “Post Topic”.
  • Basically if you are an expert at something, having content on your own Quora blog is a great idea.
  • Quora claims the blogging platform can be used on mobile phones but I see that at the moment it supported only on iPhones.

What could be Quora’s plan?

Quora is not exactly a social network. It is a lot closer to something like Wikipedia but not social. It is also very similar to websites like About.com. But its unique and rich feature is people asking questions and experts replying on them.

Also blogposts on Quora at the moment are all public. So are other posts and answers to questions but usually only the top answer can be viewed and to see the rest you either have to sign-in to your account or register with Quora.

One thing a lot of people are watching is how Quora will finally monetize. The problem is Quora cannot make money by selling content that is crowd sourced without upsetting the users who created it.

So letting users in on some of the revenues could be a possible future strategy and what better way than a blogging platform. Ofcourse I could be way off the mark here about Quora’s monetization plans.

Do your use Quora? Will you use it as a blogging platform? Do drop in your views in comments.

(via Quora Blog)