Temple Run 2 makes it way for Android

A week after releasing for iPhone, Temple Run 2 comes to Android devices with smooth graphics, sceneries and a bigger monkey!

Just last week, Temple Run 2 – sequel of one of the most popular mobile games ever has released for iPhone. Today, it has been released for Android.


So what does Temple Run 2 bring to the table? Well, quite a lot. They’ve revamped the game scenery which looks much more organic now and it constantly keeps changing. You don’t just run, instead you’ll be swinging on ropes, riding mine carts and lot more.

And of course, you’ll be chased by a monstrous monkey.

There are new obstacles, power ups and characters (the default is still Guy Dangerous).

The game went pretty smoothly on my phone, just like the original Temple Run.

While Apps releasing for iPhone first and then getting ported to Android isn’t something new, it’s good that Imangi Studios got the game to ‘droid in a week.

The worst situation is of Windows Phone users, who don’t have a chance to play even the original Temple Run.

It’s now available on the Play store for free. Just use the link below, as it isn’t yet available through search. Try it out and tell us what you think about it.

Link: Temple Run 2


Raj January 24, 2013

This is the game which I have played more in my life.. Now go ahead to download Temple Run 2.. hope it is as enthusiastic as the initial version..

chiru January 29, 2013

Hi vibin,
iam enjoying the game on my android based tablet..
it was a nice experience while playing game…
keep posting.