Track Social Media Impact with Google Analytics Realtime

As a blogger or webmaster, Google Analytics is probably the first thing they setup. It basically tracks every page view, visit on each page, time spent on a page etc.

Almost all bloggers who want to grow their blog will look at what works on their website thanks to data displayed on Google Analytics. Google recently announced it will be rolling out real-time statistics on a website.

If you are using Google Analytics, make sure you are using the new version. The new real-time stats will show up under dashboard. Currently it is not rolled out to everyone and but it should be available for everyone over the next few days.

Impact of Google Analytics Realtime

  • Real Time statistics also will show active visitors on the site along with new and returning visitors.
  • It will also show top referrals as in what amount of traffic in realtime is being sent from Google or social media.
  • Top active pages will shows the most visited pages at that moment. This will be useful to leverage that page further for bloggers, especially if it is a trending topic.

One of the best improvements of getting traffic stats in realtime would be to see how social media impacts traffic. For example you share a link on Twitter or Facebook, it would be a great help to see how much and for how long does it get traffic for your blog.

Is Google preparing for Google+ Brands

I am probably speculating, but I think Google Analytics Realtime is just one of the few tracking improvements that are coming along. At some point, when Brands have their own Google+ profiles, it will be useful to have a powerful tool with like Google Analytics give real-time stats. 😉

Do you use Google Analytics? Will you find real-time data useful? Do drop in your opinions and views.


Robert nick September 30, 2011

Another good feature of Google Analytics. Seems like every online brand working for real time. Twitter, facebook, Google Plus and now Analytics.

Aditya Kane September 30, 2011

@Robert: Realtime results do give a good idea on the impact of Social media sharing so I guess it was a must.