Poke on Facebook is a notification now

Facebook Poke‘Facebook pokes’, not a very popular feature but still people use it specially after Facebook started banning users to send friend request to strangers and even people you know personally. You can simply poke the other person if you cannot send them a request or message but there should be at least one mutual friend between two of you.

But it seems like Facebook is going to remove this feature completely. First Facebook removed the Poke button and now they stopped showing Pokes on your Sidebar. Rather pokes are shown as a notification which is a very ineffective way of informing profile owners and there’s no use of such notifications.

The problem with pokes as notification is that what if you missed a poke notification? You don’t know that your friend already poked you and the other person cannot poke you again as you haven’t replied his/her last poke. But this seems to be a strategy by Facebook to stop this poke feature completely.

But personally I like this poke feature very much as users stopped talking on social networking site these days so it’s better to poke someone rather than sending a ‘Hi’ in the message if you are talking after a long time. Let’s see what’s there on the mind of Facebook officials.

Do you poke your friends and strangers? What’s the importance of Poke button for you? Don’t forget to tell us!

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rachel June 30, 2012

I love the poke botton ..I have about 15 friends we poke the hell out of each other…be really fun if a few other choices where there..like a lil fight..kick..slap..hug..kiss…pinch…….wink 🙂