Flip Through Flickr Photos With Your Friends in Real-Time

Flickr has become a favourite place for many to share photos. Off-late it has become more of a place to share professional photos rather than personal photos.
This has happened because of Facebook and Google+ becoming more easy to use for sharing photos with a group of friends.

Flickr has now introduced ‘Photo Session‘ which allows sharing photos in a stream in real-time with friends.

Flickr Photo Session

  • Just sign into your Flickr account and start looking up your photo-streams.
  • A new option for sharing a photo stream appears which is photo-session. Simply create a photo session and share the link with friends or invite them from their Flickr accounts.
  • Once they sign-in you can start the photo-session of looking up photos in real-time. 😉

This is a great idea, as people can comment on photos and communicate as they look up photos in a real-time with friends. It is like having an online photo-viewing party.

Here is a video on how photo session works:

I like the idea of sharing photos and viewing them in real-time with comments. It is I guess a way to become more social for Flickr.

What are your views? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Flickr Photo Session

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