Google Labs to be Shutdown: To Concentrate on Google+

Google_Labs_ShutdownSometimes even if you are a very large company with billions of dollars in the bank, you need to cut out some fun and popular services to concentrate on something that is becoming popular and possibly profitable. Google released a lot of nice but still in beta products in Google Labs.

These services are different form the labs sections of Google Reader or Gmail and might not be finding as many takers. So Google has decided to shut down Google Labs.

Quote from Google’s blog post

Last week we explained that we’re prioritizing our product efforts. As part of that process, we’ve decided to wind down Google Labs.

Disappointing decision!

Personally I liked looking up various services on Google Labs. Some of Labs products like Google Transliteration were quite useful. Hopefully Google will find a way to keep these services in a different format. This is not something new for Google who have in the past even done away with the much fancied Google Wave when it did not make any waves.

Do you like the idea of Google shutting down Labs project so they can concentrate on Google Plus ? I find it disappointing but probably a good move considering how Google+ is growing. Do drop in your comments.