Recent update in Alexa ranking of some worldwide popular websites

Alexa, the only website in the world that is considered as a “standard” for checking worldwide ranking of different websites just swapped the ranking of some of the most visited websites in the world. Check it out….

Facebook and Youtube:

According to recent update by Alexa, Facebook is now the world’s third (#3) most visited website. Earlier it was youtube which is on fourth (#4) position now. Obviously facebook is the most visited and most popular social networking site worldwide and the main reason behind this is the availability of Facebook in 65 different languages. Check the graph below which shows the recent traffic trend of Facebook.


Google and Yahoo:

No doubt the google still continues with it’s number one (#1) position, Yahoo lags google with a number two (#2) ranking.

Other Social Networking sites:

  • Myspace:Myspace, one of the oldest social networking site is 11th most visited website worldwide.
  • Twitter:Twitter, which is a social networking and microblogging site is gaining it’s popularity rapidly. It’s currently 14th most visited/popular site.
  • Orkut:India’s most popular social networking site is not that much popular worldwide, it’s on 128th position.

Other Popluar Sites:

  • Blogger: #7
  • Rapid Share: #16
  • #19
  • Bing: #21
  • eBay: #22
  • Flickr: #33
  • #59
  • #91

NOTE: This rank is last updated on 30th August 2009 (2:00 a.m) , to check the recent top 500 websites of the world check out this page(alexa).

Image Credit: Alexa

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Aditya Kane September 1, 2009

Very informative. It seems like a tussle between Facebook and Yahoo in the near future.

Vivek September 1, 2009

precise yet informative post by sauravjit…also to add…Google india made it #12.

sauravjit September 1, 2009

Exactly bro, let’s wait and watch πŸ˜‰

sauravjit September 1, 2009

How could I forget Google India πŸ™ yeah it’s on #12 πŸ˜€

btw it takes so much effort to precise this kind of data when you have millions of website πŸ˜‰

You may download the whole list here (powered by Alexa)


FYI Devilsworkshop is below 20k now (19316) πŸ˜€

loveish September 1, 2009

nice information bro

sauravjit September 2, 2009


I am glad to know that you liked it πŸ™‚