Google Reader Gets Revamped to Mixed Response!

Being an avid user of Google Reader, I’ve been waiting for the interface revamp which other Google services like Docs, Translate etc. got long ago. This morning Google Reader started rolling out their new interface and also integrating with Google+.


That’s how Reader looks, now. You can see they have made the interface very clear and crisp, which is needed for a feed reader. You can now ‘+1’ any article using the +1 button embedded at the bottom of every post.

Upset over Redesign!

Some regular Google Reader users; will lament the loss of human curation; which was possible by following other users who would often ‘share’ or ‘like’ interesting posts on Google Reader itself. As these carefully networked has been done away with by Google and it probably understandable as they want to push the use of Google+.

Unfortunately this has upset some Iranians. That’s because almost every social network is banned in Iran, and the only way to connect and share content with others was through Reader’s social features.

If you use Reader’s social features, you can now export your shared items and all from Reader settings.

Finally, if you want to customize Reader to your needs, there are tons of extensions, scripts and even alternatives, we’ve covered a lot of them.

Link: Google Reader

One Comment

Anoop Sudhakaran November 1, 2011

I like the +1 addition and Google+ integration.. Now the only place remaining for +1 buttons are Emails 😛