How to report for suicidal content on Facebook

If you or your friend is depressed and needs an online help then Facebook is a good medium for that. With a feature on Facebook you can report any content that your friend has posted to Facebook directly or alternatively you can contact the local authority for the same.

To Report the Suicidal content directly to Facebook:

If you want to report some suicidal content from your friend’s profile or someone you know but that person isn’t there in your friend’s list then you can use this form. In the form add the name of that person in the first box, his/her profile link or search link in the second box and add comments or the suicidal content in the third box and submit it to Facebook.

Direct Suicidal help for your friend or yourself:

In case you or a friend needs immediate help then please contact your local suicide prevention hotline for that. You can get country wise helpline links and phone number on Facebook Help Center (Click here for that). You can also Google for such helpline numbers and online contact persons.

You can even drop a comment below if you or someone else need some help but please note that suicide isn’t a solution to any problem, there are thousands of other alternatives too. 🙂