Metro Styled Twitter Client for Windows – MetroTwit

Metro style tiles are catching a lot of attention, thanks to the Windows 8 adopting it so whole-heartedly. One service which can really work well with tiles is Twitter. Lists in the form of columns is a natural way of organization for almost every desktop client for Twitter. MetroTwit also takes advantage of that format.


MetroTwit Features

  • The twitter client requires runs on Windows but requires .net 4.0 framework. Read this post on how to go about downloading Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework.
  • The lists can be added to show up as tiles which can be moved around easily.
  • Alerts showing up on the desktop can also be extensively tweaked by allowing only tweets from a particular list showing up.

I like using TweetDeck which is based on HTML5 but MetroTwit seemed interesting enough for me to try it for a day. I would have swapped it for TweetDeck, except it does not have the option of using multiple Twitter accounts and no option of scheduling tweets.

If you have Windows 7, do try out MetroTwit and drop in your views in comments.

Link: MetroTwit

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