Resize Your Images Quickly with Image Resizer

If you want to share pictures on your blog, social networking websites or send via Email, the major problem is size of picture. Images big in size might make your blog to load slow and many mailing clients don’t allow you to send larger images. Thus, you have to use software which can resize your images, but it is so time consuming that we defer the idea of sharing pictures with friends because you have to follow many steps like:

  • Open image resize software
  • Select the pictures one by one
  • Resize all the pictures one by one
  • Save as the copy

Even if you people think it’s time consuming than I am glad to share a very useful tool for resizing images.

Image Resizer is a Microsoft product and worth trying out. It helps you to resize your pictures just with a right click.

Open the folders of pictures which you want to resize and right click. Select resize image to resize your image.

Right Click Once you will click on “ Resize Image” , you can select different options:

  • Size of pictures
  • Make different copy of image
  • Resize original image
  • Custom size


Even if you resize your image, it won’t ruin your image quality.

Copy You can even resize many images together and can save your lot of time.

Multiple images

Image Resizer is free to download. Make sure that you download the tool from Microsoft official website. There are many malware websites available to download this tool, avoid using them.

Check out few tools to make your picture sharing fun:

Why to use extra software for resizing image and slow down your system ? I would recommend that if you are addicted to share pictures online or if you are a blogger you must have Image Re-sizer tool to save time and increase productivity.