Samsung’s horrible "S for Samsung style" idea! [Video]

Samsung launched in India with a terrible copy of Psy's Gangnam style with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, dancing to a song called "S for Samsung Style".

The Galaxy S IV was launched in 50 countries which included India. Now when phones are launched companies try to find the weirdest possible ways to sing praises of its device.

So what did Samsung do?


They hired Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh and made him dance to a song that was a remake (copy) of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video. The words of the song were “S for Samsung style”. The Korean lyrics of the song were further changed into praise filled phrases about Samsung’s Galaxy S IV phone. The song is even more ridiculous than I make it sound.

Below is the full video.

If I was ever going to buy Samsung Galaxy S IV, I think this video would have definitely changed my mind.

Jokes apart, Samsung might be doing great business and also selling millions of phones. But they definitely need to learn that it would be better if their phone did the talking and not some bizarre over the top song and dance show.

(via The Verge)


Alexander April 29, 2013

Is he trying to sell the Phone to Reliance!.. “Reliance le le Samsung”

Aditya Kane April 29, 2013

@Alexander: If the track is weird, the words of the song are bizarre beyond words! Cannot believe Samsung pays good money to come up with this.

manmohan April 30, 2013

I think Samsung have got it spot on. When you watch a mainstream Bollywood film you can’t help but wonder who watches this crap, well millions do and this ad will appeal to them. If you’ve never seen a bollywood blockbuster don’t fret, watch any random Indian tv advert on youtube. Primitive.

Aditya Kane April 30, 2013

@Manmohan: There is a difference between well done and badly done. This video is extremely badly done (if there is such a thing). It would have been funny if Samsung (or Reliance who organized it) meant it to be a spoof then it might have been funny.

manmohan April 30, 2013

I agree it’s badly made but (to me) it looks like a celebrity version of those colgate show carts, that go around remote villages with dancers to promote their products.
Did you see how heavily gangnam style featured at the IPL opening ceremony?
Also how bad is it compared to this shower of shambles?

rinku12 May 1, 2013

New style new trends and newer odd thing.
The samsung style is getting on my nerves, i better idea it