Google Search Query Results in Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Surprise!

Remember the simple trick of typing in this query ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ and the entire results page on Google turned upside down and back again. Well this Valentine’s Day, someone has figured out a way to enter a mathematical equation and get a graphical output which is heart shaped. The Equation to Google’s Heart! […]

Difference between India and US when it comes to Google [Funny]

Google auto-complete suggestions for search are probably based on what people search for most. But what people search for most changes according to geographic locations. There is also the average age of the internet user which keeps changing from country to country. For example most people in the US, who use the internet or Google […]

Create Fake Facebook Wall posts of your friends [How-to]

Original Facebook is little boring now and people are looking for more fun stuff on it rather than just contacting your friends. Some like playing games on it and some just like to have fun by sharing funny things like videos and pictures. Here’s something funnier for you. This post will tell you how you […]

Difference between Wikileaks and Facebook! [Funny Poster]

As 2010 ended two people were in the news a lot. Jullian Assange because he runs Wikileaks which is publishing information and embarrassing a few corporations and governments. The other person in the news is Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook which through 2010 was accused of leaking our personal information for targeted advertisements. Recently I came across […]

Disable Google Instant Preview with GreaseMonkey Script

Google keeps bringing in a lot of new features and I must admit I am a fan of most new features. Though sometimes these very features can be a little irritating.

Take Google instant preview feature which allows me to get a preview of the website while I mouse-over the search result. Unlike Google Instant this feature cannot be turned off. 🙁