Save Background Images Easily in Firefox with Backgroundimage Saver Addon

In Firefox, it is always easy to save images. All you have to do is right-click on an image, and select Save Image As” option. But many time it happens that when you right-click on an image, this option does not appear. Even worse a small transparent image is saved like in case of Orkut profiles. Sauravjit had similar problem while saving a pic from fashion website.

This happens because, image you are viewing is set as background using a CSS trick. Technically you can just open source code and find image path without much trouble, but many people would like to make it simple.

Backgroundimage Saver is a simple firefox extension that provides help in such cases. When installed, it automatically detects such background images when you click on them and shows Save Background Image As” option, as highlighted in screenshot below.

Backgroundimage Saver Extension for Firefox.jpg

Link: Backgroundimage Saver (for Firefox 3) | Firefox

[Update: Added missing download link for firefox 3. Thanks to Mini’s comment.]


mini July 10, 2008

this add on doesnt work with firefox 3…!!

Rahul Bansal July 10, 2008

I updated above post with links for firefox 3.
Let me know if you have further issues.
Thanks for notifying. 🙂

sauravjit July 11, 2008

thanks a lot 😀

Gaurav July 12, 2008

I always found tried to figure out this thing, in IE all the files are saved in Temp Int Files folder and we could extract it but FF does not saves files as such but instead in cache. So couldn’t figure how to get files from that. SO this extension is handy 😀

Rahul Bansal July 14, 2008

Your welcome buddy. 🙂

Just in case you like to see firefox cache…
type about:cache in address bar and hit enter.
It will show all cache related information like size, directory, etc.

Gaurav July 15, 2008

Thanks Rahul, but it is not as easy as in IE, where everything is in front of your eyes in Temp Int Files folder.

Ado0o0o January 30, 2010

not compatible with firefox 3.6 🙁