Firefox 17 Released with Support of Facebook Messenger

Firefox 17 has been released officially for Windows, Linux and Mac users. The desktop browser which has struggled to grow consistently against rising Chrome. The new updated version is available today. Facebook Messenger can also be directly used with Firefox 17. Just sign-in to your Facebook account and visit this page for Messenger for Firefox […]

Facebook Chat hidden feature; add profile pictures while chatting

Facebook Chat is a very popular feature of Facebook but technically and feature wise it’s not good as compared to other IM services like Skype and Yahoo Messenger but still people use it only because it’s integrated with Facebook. But here’s a trick using which you can make it little exciting and add a new […]

All about deleting messages from your Facebook inbox

Most of the time people ask questions about Facebook messages like how to delete a particular message from a conversation or what happens when we delete a particular message from that conversation, will it be deleted from the receiver’s inbox as well? This post will give answers to all your queries. 1. What’s the difference […]

New Facebook Chat interface

Facebook is doing some minor changes with its User Interface (UI) and this time it is the friend’s list for chatting. Yes they are continuously modifying their design and the main reason behind this is not to make Facebook look better, it’s just to reduce the disk space usage on their servers and to make […]

Save Facebook chat history [How-to]

You might have googled for ages about how to save Facebook chat history. Facebook had been continuously concentrating on privacy rather than the fb chat which is another major point of criticism from users. One thing we’ve missed from Facebook is to keep logs of chat history. But with the advent of extensions and add-ons can now help saving your facebook […]

List of Facebook Chat Emoticons to Spice up the Chat

Many of us use Facebook chat in order to chat with friends. However long you may talk, you just can’t spice it up without inserting smileys in-between, while chatting. Isn’t it true? Emoticons or smileys are the best way to express yourself, even when you are not in a mood to talk. Also Read: Chat […]