Save and Share Pieces of Content with Clipboard

I browse a lot daily and come across interesting pieces of content. So, if I want to save it, all I can do is, bookmark the page. But that is not a good way to do this, as I want to save a piece of content, not the whole page.


Clipboard is a new service which lets you save the part of webpage you want. Apart from that you can also organize your clippings (pieces of content), share it to your friends and discover new content by following them.

They provide a nifty bookmarklet which you can use to clip any part of a webpage, extensions coming soon! One major thing which separates Clipboard from other bookmarking services is that, it preserves the HTML and CSS of the clip, so it doesn’t look like an image.


Clips are private by default, but you can publish them so that your friends can see what you’re saving. You can search for content/friends and follow them in the feeds tab. You can even embed clips in your website/blog from the share menu.

How to get Invited?

Clipboard is in private beta, if you want to try it now, we can provide you an invitation. All you need to do is, drop a comment below this post and we’ll send the invitation right away!

Link: Clipboard

Do you use web clipping services? Tell us in the comments.

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23 replies on “Save and Share Pieces of Content with Clipboard”

  1. How this is different from scrapbook ext in ff. scrapbook we can view it offline aswell, but this one is possible to view offline? anyway send me an invit eplz let me have a try

    1. Invitation sent. Yeah, there are hell lot of alternatives for this, as I mentioned in the post, but Clipboard basically has a good interface and better content discovery features.

        1. I’ve sent the invitation to ksnoushad [at ] , along with your inbox, check your spam folder once or else I guess there’s a problem with Clipboard itself.

  2. I got left behind by the (and other bookmarking services) train, and have been happily saving my links via low-tech copy/paste on word; reading this article piqued my interest–I think I’ll take you up on your offer! Invite kindly requested.

  3. I have been working with clipboard for quite some while now, it it is still my favorite app for clipping useful information from the web.

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