Schedule your outgoing E-mails to be sent later

letter me later I happened to stumble over this cool and interesting service which claims to provide services to schedule your outgoing E-mails to be sent at a future point of time. This service named LetterMeLater is really useful for all those people who finds it hard to remember an event or unable to come online, just to send an E-mail. For example sending greetings, appointments letters, invitations, etc. For the rescue of such peoples, LetterMeLater has come up with this innovation. Truly speaking, since long, I too was wondering whether we can schedule emails or not, and now I am happy to find such an interesting website. 🙂

Once you register on this site, you can even schedule mails right from your primary email id’s ‘compose’ option. All you need to do is add some specific keywords and the date or time that the mail should be sent on. Detailed step-by-step guide is here.

The other interesting features by LetterMeLater are:

  • Ability to attach files
  • Sending emails from your own email program!  See How
  • Create HTML emails!
  • Send emails from any of your email addresses.
  • Email id used, will be the return address on the emails you send.
  • Ability to import your contacts and create group mailing lists.
  • Scheduling time and date of e-mails is specified in your local time.
  • No advertisements on the emails.
  • Among these, you get almost all other facilities available on your existing provider like, using CC, BCC, etc.

I am going to give this service too, a big ‘Hands up’ 🙂 and would surely use this cool service for scheduling Birthday wishes and not to mention, wishes for the upcoming new year. Do let me know how would you utilize this free and cool service… ?


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Rajat Arora November 6, 2008

This is indeed a cool service, especially the feature of creating HTML emails. Inserting images in Gmail is indeed a pain!

Deepak Jain November 7, 2008

@Rajat Arora
Yea.. There are many great features available

ArpitNext November 6, 2008

Nice discovery!

And, congrats to Deepak! You are doing well …. making DW much frequent!

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

Thanks Arpit 🙂
Hope, with your best wishes I can continue frequent blogging on DW 🙂