Search and follow everyone using a trending topic on Twitter in one go

Search and follow everyone using a trending topic on Twitter in one go with online tool called Blast Follow. This tool can be used to look up accounts and follow in a particular niche.

Twitter has some very interesting options which a lot of newbies do not know about but find out very soon once they stick around on. As a blogger tweets can play a great role in sharing and looking up some interesting things online. Anyone using Twitter extensively will often use the hashtag to look up what people are saying about something interesting. Like searching for #wordpress for looking up people and their views on the WordPress. 🙂

There is a online website which allows you to automatically follow all the Twitter users who have used a particular hashtag recently. 😉

Features of Blast Follow

  • Just enter the hashtag topic you want to look up and enter it in the website along with your Twitter credentials.
  • Once you click on ‘Blast’ the web tool starts to automatically start following everyone who has used the hashtag in recent times.
  • There is a note of caution while using this tool. Try to avoid very popular trending topics as you might end up following hundreds of accounts in a matter of minutes which is quite undesirable.
  • I use Blast Follow to look up users in very niche and unique topics on which they trend.

If you like following people for their views on Twitter and look up if a particular account is spamming too much or too little with another neat tool called FollowCost.

Do look up Blast Follow and let me know if you like the features. Also do let me know of any similar services and your Twitter strategy when it comes to following people.


Mani Viswanathan August 4, 2010

Gr8 tool..will be helpful for a meet-up hashtags & it will obviously have more good profiles! So mass follow is worth in this case.

Nat Bourre October 4, 2010

I used BlastFollow quite a bit over the past few months, and it worked like a charm. However, lately I keep getting this message: ” Basic authentication is not supported ” Any idea why this is happening?