Follow cost: Find out the cost of following someone on Twitter

We all love Twitter and like to follow interesting profiles. But what exactly are these interesting profiles? For me it is someone who shares interesting information. But at times you see that some people also end up sending 40-50 tweets in a single day and this can be undesirable, especially if the tweets are repetitive.

With Follow Cost you can know the cost of following someone on Twitter.

About Follow Cost

  • Follow Cost calculates and displays the number of Tweets per day on an average and also displays the number of Tweets per day for the last 100 Tweets.
  • This is a good way to understand if someone is tweeting too much and hence might affect your Twitter time-line.
  • There is also another purpose and that is to check if the account is updated regularly. There is no use following someone who is inactive on Twitter.

Some sites can be quite useful and have niche importance compared to others which have online apps for Twitter. If you liked Follow Cost you might also like to check the first person you followed on Twitter and also how to create RSS feeds of your Twitter timeline.

Do let me know your views on Follow Cost through your comments.


Manveer Singh April 27, 2010

Nice Article

this will help me to find people who are inactive ..

Aditya Kane April 27, 2010

Happy to know it is helping you, I too will personally use it before I follow anyone.

Brad Fredricks June 17, 2010

I checked it out. Apparently, I have a golden follow cost. This doesn’t really tell me anything. There’s no explanation of the colors. No key to understand the results.

Well, Gold is good, right?