Search for Google Docs from within Gmail

Gmail recently brought out a feature which lets you search for Google Docs from within Gmail. This is a great feature as sometimes it is a bit boring to open Google docs landing page and then search for the document you need. This way I can search for it and open it from within Gmail.

How to use Gmail Search Mail and Docs?

  • Need to enable a labs feature by looking up Settings >> Labs. Here enable Apps Search feature and save the settings.
  • Now on search in mail chances to search with Mail and Docs. As you can see in the image below I could choose to only display Docs results if too many results showed up. πŸ™‚

  • When adding a new Labs feature one problem is slowing down Gmail but since I have started using this feature I have not noticed any slowdown when it came to searching for mails and docs alike.

What is missing from this feature?

Recently Gmail introduced a official multiple sign-in of Gmail accounts. I think this Mail and Docs search feature would be awesome if we could search from 2-3 different accounts using just one account. Now that feature would knock em dead! πŸ˜€

Try out Search Mail and Docs feature with Gmail and do let me know your views through your comments.

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  1. I always use it, really great! I have tons of mails and I use google docs regularly and keep a backup of my documents here to. Really useful and easy to search for what I need.

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