Search for Google Images by Drawing with Online Tool

Google has introduced the option of reverse search for similar images by allowing users to upload a photo or even paste a link of the image. Google probably uses the same technology that is used for face recognition, to scan across the web and come up with matches.
Google Image search by drawing allows users to draw a sketch and search for it on Google Images.

Google Image Search by Drawing Features

  • Just use the mouse to quickly sketch something. Users can change the colours or even the size of the brush to make more intricate drawings.
  • Users can also take a photo from their webcam and search for that image on Google images. This might be useful to search for a comic from a newspaper.
  • The online tool is developed by Franz Enzenhofer. The online tool does work on Chrome, Safari and Firefox but it is not supported on Internet Explorer.

Try out Google Image Search by drawing and drop in your comments.

Link: Image Search By Drawing


We Love maths November 14, 2011

great tool

but missing eraser to erase drawing

franz November 18, 2011

i.e.: white background -> change brush to white -> draw over your previous drawing = erase (yeah, it’s a workaround)

Aditya Kane November 18, 2011

@Franz: Thats a nice and obvious workaround. Thanks for replying here. 🙂

Aman November 15, 2011

Very nice tool. Never thought that search will go this further. Very nice advancement in the searching algorithm.