Seriously Facebook needs better developers!

If a status message contains three "w's" even typed in random it creates a link automatically. Facebook seriously needs better developers.

Facebook is our favourite social network. It’s dominance is so complete that the term ‘social network‘ seems to be synonymous to ‘Facebook‘. So I was quite surprised to see Labnol’s post on a pretty bad photo-shop job done by Facebook. I did expect Facebook to be full of geeks and super qualified experts.

A couple of days ago, we came across another interesting bug of sorts on Facebook. It seems to take any three W’s written in a comment on Facebook and makes it into a Link.

It seems after this Facebook not only needs better Photoshop professional they also need better developers.

Only on Facebook…

I thought maybe this happens at other places too which create html links automatically. The one I thought of immediately was Gmail chat. I often drop in just the address of a website and it automatically converted into a link.

I tried entering a similar message on Gmail chat to my friend Vivek Jain. No links created there, but as you can see in the image, I did scare him a little bit with such a weird message. 😛

Then the same message as my Facebook status got me updating my profile with a non-existent link. 🙁

Do you know of any more Facebook blunders? Do share with your comments.


Saket Jajodia September 6, 2010

The this type of bug is in most of the websites…

1-1 e.g. for all websites:-

Facebook: (Given Above)
GTalk: http://www….vfhdsf.jfds
Twitter: http://www.vdshn.fdy
Orkut: http://www…

Saket Jajodia September 6, 2010

After I posted above Comment, you blog also converted it into a “link” and added “http://”

Aditya Kane September 6, 2010

If you notice the comment starts with A and not http:// … even. Also ‘www’ recognized and converted into a link even if it has a different letter at its beginning. Normally just www. or http:// prefix should be converted to a link.

Saket Jajodia September 6, 2010

Is in the 1st comment (in e.g.)…

Pulkit Kaushik September 13, 2010

http:// before anything makes a link and not WWW. Facebook, as rightly said, needs better developers or at least the present ones should be put on Coffee.

Simrandeep Singh September 8, 2010

I didn’t notice such a bug in Facebook. Such big companies must have the great developers with them. They should not leave such bugs in their websites.

Pulkit Kaushik September 13, 2010

These aren’t big companies. These are just small developers who know coding. That’s it. And yes, bugs in Facebook apps are really common.From Zynga’s Mafia Wars and Farmville to this status app, all apps are buggy, small company or big.