AutomateIt: Set Rules/Triggers for Automating Tasks on Android

Automate It Android app allows users to automate tasks on Android with rules and triggers. This allows tasks like sending a text message at a particular time and shutting off WIFI at a particular time of the day and more...

You might want your phone to go on vibrate mode or shutdown at a particular time every day. You might want to switch off your WIFI on the phone when you are in office. Such tasks on Android can be automated with app called Automate It.

Features of Automate It


  • The app is loaded with 6 default rules which can be customized.
  • New rules can be either created or searched from “Rules Market”.
  • One feature I liked in this app is the experimental Activity Recognition. If you set the trigger to switch off your WIFI in a car or switch it to silent or vibrate mode when you reach your office or college, it does happen but it definitely needs improvement as this fails to trigger sometimes.
  • Some stuff you can do with this app are set it up to send an automatic SMS on a specific day and time.

This works very well with the usual basic triggers and I have not been having any problems. The last thing to keep in mind is that there are two triggers that could drain your battery if not used properly – location and sensor triggers. Overall, this app is worth the download.

Video Demo of Automate It

Do try out Automate It and drop in your comments.

Link: Automate It