AppGratis pops up on Android, after getting pulled from App Store

If there is one problem which is common among all major mobile operating systems, that’s app discovery. Apple’s App Store is relatively better than Play Store and even the Windows Marketplace, but they’re almost on the same floor.

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AppGratis was one of those companies which tried to solve this problem with their service. For starters, AppGratis shows off a good paid app everyday, which is free for limited time. It was very popular on iOS, but a few months ago, it got pulled off from the App Store as they violated few of its policies. After a lot of drama took place, AppGratis wrote a blog post officially clearing a lot of confusion among users.

They even have started a petition a month back, which got tremendous response from users. Nevertheless, there’s no signs of Apple bringing back AppGratis to the App Store.

Interestingly, they released their app for Android, a few days back – and it’s pretty good.

Appgratis for Android

While there isn’t anything special about the app on Android, it works. They have posted around 15 app deals, i.e. apps which are free for limited time (a single day, or sometimes even more). Just like the iOS app, you can set AppGratis on Android to notify you every day with an app deal.

All AppGratis recommendations are picked by humans – they are essentially tested and hand picked by their team. This is one of the reasons for why AppGratis is so popular. Though, from what I’ve tried, their Android app recommendations aren’t up to the mark. The apps didn’t seem to be of high quality, but I’m sure the recommendations will get better with time.

It’s available on the Play store, so go grab it.

Link: AppGratis

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6 replies on “AppGratis pops up on Android, after getting pulled from App Store”

    1. Oh yes, on iOS, you do have a lot of ‘App recommendation’ apps (that probably sounds too nerdy :P). But on Android, there are none.

      So, AppGratis releasing for Android is indeed a little exciting.

      1. But on Android, there are none.

        Surprised to know that!

        I never used Android but it appears to me that you can crack paid-apps on android just like softwares are cracked on Windows Desktop OS.

        1. Paid apps can get cracked on Android. But seriously, that’s not legal and I wouldn’t download them, of course.

    1. AppGratuites is an old version of AppGratis. The service has gone many changes since then. After turning into AppGratis, they only supported iPhone and iPad.

      This month, they released their Android app. Here’s the official blog post.

      So yeah, you’re probably still living in 2012.

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