Share Flickr photos on Facebook

Facebook is a great and convenient place to share your pictures with friends and family. This has been recognized by Flickr and now it has a great feature which allows Flickr users to share their photos on Facebook.

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How does it work?

All a Flickr user has to do is visit this link and connect their Flickr and Facebook account so Facebook can easily access your Flickr images and show display them. It can automatically share your image once you upload them. To be on the safe side only if you upload an image publicly then will it be automatically streamed to Facebook. This is a good thing as Facebook has had quite a few privacy headaches lately.

This could be a great way for Yahoo to have further integration into with Social networks and Facebook mainly. Flickr needs strong support environment to survive and Yahoo cannot probably give it that. So the next best bet would obviously be Facebook.

What do your think about your Flickr images being shared on Facebook? Would you be interested or think two accounts should not have too much interconnectivity? Do let me know your views through your comments.

(via Flickr Blog )