Share Flickr Photos on Twitter, Facebook and Blogger in a Single Click

Flickr has added some new sharing features to enable users to share images on various other social and publishing services. Now with a single click a photo from your Flickr account can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and even WordPress. A notable absence can be Google Buzz but then who really uses Buzz? 😛


  • Earlier the photos could be shared only via email.
  • An interesting but critical addition for the new sharing features on Flickr is how it also allows sharing photos to Blogger and WordPress blogging platforms.
  • It has correctly identified that blogging platforms will only add to Flickr’s visibility if allowed to share images.
  • Initially we could share photos from Flickr to Facebook by synchronizing them.

I still think Flickr has got this very basic feature quite late in the day. Is this because a general lack of innovation? Over the last two years, I cannot think of anything cool regarding features when it comes to Flickr.

If you do use Flickr a lot, do check out these new sharing options and drop in your comments.

Source: Flickr Blog

Link: Flickr


Zohan April 1, 2011

Nice to see this move of Flickr team. It will be very helpful. Now sharing goes easy!! 🙂 GO Flickr team!! ;))

Aditya Kane April 1, 2011

Thanks for commenting, yes sharing will be easy, but this should have happened a lot earlier.