Yahoo’s Big Day: Buys Tumblr and offers 1 TB space with Flickr

Yahoo has just capped off a very significant day for themselves. Firstly they have announced the acquisition of the blogging platform Tumblr. In the second announcement, Flickr has now rolled out 1¬†Terabyte¬†free storage for all users. This is a big deal for Yahoo which has recently struggled to keep its users and more importantly find […]

Is this the Beginning of the End for Flickr ?

Yahoo has continued its march into oblivion over the past few years. Of all the Yahoo products and services, I only found Flickr the saving grace. But it seems, Yahoo does not think much of its photo storing and sharing service. According to Marketing Land, Yahoo has laid off it apparently 12% of Flickr staff. […]

Flip Through Flickr Photos With Your Friends in Real-Time

Flickr has become a favourite place for many to share photos. Off-late it has become more of a place to share professional photos rather than personal photos. This has happened because of Facebook and Google+ becoming more easy to use for sharing photos with a group of friends. Flickr has now introduced ‘Photo Session’ which […]

Flickr is 5 billion photos strong!

Flickr is a great website. It is one of my favorite websites along with YouTube, specially when I want to pass some time on the internet. Almost everyone who is actively storing and looking up photographs online will be using Flickr if not atleast would have tried a few times.

Google has Picassa web albums but nothing really comes close to beating Flickr.

Recently Flickr announced that the 5 billionth photo was uploaded on to their website.

Search for Flickr images with Chrome extension

Flickr is a great website to search for images online. Many bloggers use Flickr to store screenshots but I personally like using Flickr to browse for cool photographs and images. The only issue it you have to set time out for looking up Flickr webpage and then spending some time looking for that particular cool […]

Has Google crashed Flickr’s Picnik?

Google recently announced that they are taking over Picnik a website which allows online editing and formatting of images. The first reaction was why does Google want to do this when they already have Picassa. Picassa is actually not a online image editor but installed on the computer. I thought I would look at Picnik […]