Share music with your Facebook and Twitter contacts

Working online can mean people like me can end up spending anywhere from 8-10 hours online everyday as a minimum. But being online does not mean I do not have some for of recreation as someone said ‘All work and not play makes Jack a dull boy’. Here work would be blogging and Jack would be me. There is one thing that I love doing is sharing music and videos and interesting links with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Here I came across Feeder fm which a online service which just about plays any song you search for and allows you to share it with your Twitter and Facebook contacts.

About Feeder fm

  • I could sign-in using my Facebook credentials. Then all I had to do was look up music with the search box.
  • I could search with Artist Name or Song Name. When you click on a result you can play it and then share it online with your Facebook and Twitter contacts.
  • Then from a list select which friend you want to share the song with and click on Feed. (see image below)

So now I can share a song I like with a friend from Facebook or Twitter. This is quite a lot of fun and I guess my friends can expect a lot of musical content from me. đŸ˜›

Go ahead and try out and tell us what do you think about this service? Do drop in your comments.

One Comment

Suhasini March 4, 2010

Nice article Aditya, I will try this for sure. There are lot of others apps too which provides the same feature but thats for Twitter.