Silently, Orkut’s Favicon Undergoes a Minor Change!

orkut new faviconIt’s been a few weeks since I noticed Orkut’s favicon was been revamped little bit. Though the design was as usual, the new favicon looks more attractive as it has been made more glossy!

Though I noticed it few weeks ago, it seems guys at Orkut did not find it worth mentioning on their official blog about such a good change.

If you are not aware, earlier this year, favicon of other Google products were been revamped and now Orkut too, underwent a favicon change. Is Google on its way to rebrand all its product? What’s you take about this new favicon?


Orkut greetings September 10, 2009

its nice to see such posts about this imp topic.. i was searching it from last few hours..finally reached at right place.. 🙂

Deepak Jain September 10, 2009

Good to know this post helped you! 🙂

Aditya September 14, 2009

So, Orkut diary can also get a new favicon 🙂

bibhuti October 23, 2009

i’ll join orkutteers

Deepak Jain October 28, 2009

You are welcome!