[Software] Scan for Unauthorised Computers Accessing Your Wi-fi

Use Wireless network watcher, a free software to look-up or scan all devices that connect with your wireless router. The devices are identified along with showing the MAC address.

A wireless router does allow a great amount of freedom. Most people with a laptop will end up getting themselves a wireless router, so they can be anywhere in the house while using their computers.

Tablet computers and smart-phones usually can hook up to a wireless router which means most WiFi networks have usually more than one device connecting to it.

Wireless Network Watcher is a nifty software tool which allows users to monitor all the wireless networks that connect to your router.


  • Just install the software on your computer and start scanning your wireless network.
  • It looks up the router you are connecting into and also shows a list (as seen in image above) of all the devices connected to the wireless network along with its MAC Address.
  • This works only on Windows XP and onwards.

This is perfect to scan your network from time to time, to make sure no one unauthorised is accessing your Wi-fi connection.

Thanks to Gokul Sukumar for the tip.

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Link: Wireless Network Watcher

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Thanks to Gokul Sukumar for providing this great software …